Honors Program

Upcoming Classes

    It's Fall: We're getting ready for Spring!   

We're partnering with departments and their talented faculty to plan for Spring 2019 Honors classes now!  We will notify students when the schedule list is available.

Honors courses are available to current Honors students only. See "Honors Permits" for details.

If you are a new Honors student or are considering applying to the Honors Program, the Honors staff will work with you to decide on an appropriate plan after attending to current student requests. New Honors students attending SOAR will have an opportunity to obtain permits for their Honors courses as part of their participation in the SOAR process for Honors students.

If you are an admitted Honors student but are not entering Tech through the SOAR process, please see "For Transfer and Continuing Students" before making an appointment to talk to us (see the "Getting in touch with us" page near the top of the list at left).

See the list of Honors courses typically offered.