Honors Program


The Many Faces and Facets of Leadership

Honors Program members have a wealth of opportunities to find the style of leadership that fits their own ways of thinking and acting. Whatever your interests, being a leader can mean many things, and can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Read of former Honors students' discoveries as they emerged in their own leadership roles: Learning to Lead

  • Big Sib Chair / Co-Chair: If you are interested in a rewarding but challenging leadership position, consider applying for this position. One or two students will be appointed to coordinate efforts to make the new freshman class feel welcome and supported.
  • Big Sibs: If you're an Honors sophomore or above in good standing, make a lasting difference for a new student by becoming a Big Sib. Applications begin every spring semester.
  • Peer Mentors: Every section of Honors 1010: Introduction to Honors comes equipped with peer mentors who assist the professor and the students as they begin their university experience. To apply, returning students should complete the application in the spring semester.
  • Committee Chair applications: The Associated Scholars Guild (ASG), the Honors student organization, has an active array of committees, each run by a student chair or co-chairs. All committee chairs are selected by application each year, and chairs attend training sessions to prepare them for this great experience in organizing, developing projects, and more. Write to the ASG Steering Committee Chair, Brelyn Grant bcgrant42@students.tntech.edu,  for further information.