Honors Program

Associated Scholars Guild (ASG)

What is ASG?

The Associated Scholars Guild (ASG) is the student organization of the Honors Program. The ASG is primarily responsible for all extracurricular activities of the Honors Program. ASG sponsors student-run committees. (See "Committees" for more information.) These committees give you extraordinary opportunities for leadership, service, recreation, experience developing projects, creativity of all sorts.

ASG Leadership

ASG Committees and Committee Chairs for the 2017-2018 academic year

The ASG Constitution

As a current ASG member, you may be interested in serving on or chairing a committee. Unlike many student interest groups, ASG is not a club: its purpose is to involve all interested Honors student members in activities that support their growth as community members and future leaders.  ASG members can learn to organize, plan, delegate, negotiate, brainstorm--while serving the goals of an Honors education outside the classroom.

ASG members can be as involved--or uninvolved--as they wish.  It's a great place, though, to either develop your skills as a leader or to start learning to lead for the first time.

A Steering Committee of students manages the ASG's committees, funds, and other aspects of the organization.

For further information, contact ASG President Brelyn Grant at bcgrant42@students.tntech.edu.

HPEO and ASG: A Beautiful Relationship by Abbey Jackson

If you’re confused about the difference and/or relationship between ASG and HPEO, you’re not alone. I remember several people asking which one was which at my SOAR and still being confused about it later. So I’m going to try to break it down in the simplest terms and, hopefully at least, help you understand how they’re related.

For starters, HPEO is related to scholarships. If you qualify for the High Flyers Scholarship, you can do HPEO as an alternative. If you have the Honors Academic Scholarship (HAS), you’re required to do HPEO, so get ready. The High Flyers Scholarship requires 75 hours of service on campus, whereas HPEO is 60 hours divided up into three 20-hour sections: 20 hours of service for either a professor, department secretary, or administrator on campus; eight designated campus activities (for Fall semester freshmen; this changes for Spring semester freshmen); and finally, 20 hours either with an ASG committee or at an off-campus volunteer site.
Boom! The correlation is discovered!
ASG is available for all Honors students. And you can participate in more than one committee if you choose to do so. For example, I’m part of the Creative Writing committee, which is counting for my HPEO, and I’m writing for Honors Declassified for fun. As long as you specify which one is for the scholarship, you can join as many committees as you’d like.