Honors Program

Big Sibs!

This is your page for Big Sib news and information. Check here for 2018 updates.

    All Big Sibs and Honors Peer Mentors are required to take the Honors Online Content Module, an online quiz covering basic information about Honors that you, as a Big Sib or Peer Mentor, need to know. Take the quiz online. You will receive your score back by email. You must take (and re-take) the quiz until you obtain a PERFECT score! After being accepted, you will receive an email with the username and password for taking the quiz.
    TAKE THE QUIZ. [NOTE: This quiz will be updated for the 2018 application cycle.
  • TRAINING for Big Sibs 
    To be a big sib, you MUST attend both the spring and fall training sessions. Watch this page for more information about the upcoming application and training schedule.
    Want to be a Big Sib but can't work summer SOAR sessions? If you are comfortable talking with prospective students and parents, you may be able to substitute service as a VIP Ambassador in place of working at summer SOARs. If you are interested, you should check with Big Sib Chair Abigayl Meadows or Dr. Shannon Strahan about the VIP Ambassador option.