Honors Program

Honors Council

The Honors Council is composed of the Director, the Associate Director, seven other faculty members representing the colleges, and ten Honors students (one of whom serves as chair). The Council makes academic policy decisions, including approval of Honors colloquia; initiates curricular changes; and advises the directors on matters that impact the Honors Program's academic mission.

Elections are held for Council seats each spring, typically in March or April. Honors faculty members (those who have taught an Honors course within the last three years) are eligible to run for a faculty seat; once elected, each faculty member serves a two-year term and cannot be immediately re-elected. Student representatives must be full members (having a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and active Honors enrollment). Students serve one-year terms and may be re-elected.

Fall 2014-Spring 2015 Honors Council

Faculty members:

Dr. Julie Pharr Business
Dr. Lachelle Norris Social Sciences
Dr. Lenly Weathers Engineering
Dr. Carla Hurt Sciences
Dr. Troy Smith Humanities
Dr. Julie Baker Education
Dr. Bedelia Russell Agric/Nursing

Student members:

Rebekah Nichols, Chair
Laura Martinez
Miranda McConnell
Hannah Nash
Savannah Nolen
Curtiss Hoepner
Ryan Brown
Miranda Stoltz
Lorraine Bennett

Ex-officio members:

Dr. Rita Barnes, Director

Mr. Michael Clark, Associate Director