Honors Program

National Collegiate Honors Conference (NCHC)

Coming soon: Our annual NCHC conference information for 2019

Get your proposal going now!  In January, we'll have workshops to help you learn why going to NCHC is one of the most memorable opportunities in your honors education. 

Present your research, share ideas with peers and faculty from around the country, and travel with Tech Honors!

Every year, Tech students present their work at our national conference.  You can participate in NCHC by presenting in these categories:

Poster sessions to present original research in a juried setting.  Tech Honors student Rosa Vasquez won first place in the Health Sciences category for her research mentored by Dr. David Beck, Professor of Biology. 

Student interdisciplinary research panels (SIRP) to present innovative research across the disciplines. This highly competitive category recognizes substantial papers that draw on the methodology and scholarship of more than one field. Tech Honors students Wesley Willeford and Michelle Lowe presented their novel theory of how meteorological and agricultural conditions contextualized Tennessee's Bell Witch.

Master classes in the fine arts to perform with other talented students from across the country in drama, film, poetry, or music. Artistic Tech students have participated in almost all categories of Master Classes.

Students in Honors to present ideas and projects related to our program and beyond. Tech students have shared in past years on topics ranging from Honors 1010 values exercises to the Murphy roommate matching form.             


Participants can choose from extra conference activities including City as Text excursions, informal cultural outings, a graduate school fair, plenary talks by leading scholars and artists, book signings, student social gatherings, running for a national NCHC student position, and finding out about honors opportunities beyond Tech!

More about proposal categories and other information can be found on the National Collegiate Honors Council Website

TO APPLY: Write to Dr. Barnes now with your topic, and attend one of the workshops coming in January.

DEADLINE for sending Dr. Barnes your proposal for approval will be announced. Proposals cannot be submitted to NCHC without this approval.


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