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For Prospective Students

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The Fall 2018 Preliminary Application for Tech Honors is now open!  

Please watch this site for updates. 

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For Transfer or Currently Enrolled Tech students:

If you are a currently enrolled Tech student in your first or second year, or are transferring from another school, please read the instructions under For Transfer and Current Tech Students before applying for second-semester admission.

What is Tech Honors?  If you're asking this question, start here.

Honors is an academic program whose mission is to provide smaller, in-depth classes and co-curricular activities that help intellectually ready students develop their strengths through research, leadership, civic engagement and service, personal growth, team-building, and greater cultural understanding.

Tech Honors is about being more: a scholar who is openminded, a citizen of the world, a creative problem-solver.

Tech Honors is for students who have the initiative, intellectual drive, and creative thinking skills to explore and inquire.

It's not just about what looks good on a resume:

Honors means serving the world more deeply through a commitment to integrating critical thinking, servant leadership, and continued growth.

Learning how to ask more penetrating questions in all aspects of life--and doing so with a supportive community of thinkers--is at the heart of the Honors experience.

For First-Year College Students

If you are entering college as a full-time student for the first time,  see How to Apply, even if you earned college credit while in high school).

For Transfer Students and Current Tech Students 

If you are a current Tech student or are transferring to Tech, you must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA after completing at least twelve credit hours as a full-time college student, and must submit a plan for completing the required 22 Honors credit hours with your application materials. You must have at least four semesters remaining before graduation. Please see For Transfer and Continuing Students in this section of the Honors website for full directions.

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