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Honors Program

How to apply to Honors at Tech for Fall 2015 admission

1. Apply to TTU.

2. Apply for membership in the Honors Program by using the appropriate form below:
Application for Honors Membership for New Students

Application for Honors Membership for Transfer Students and Current TTU Students

The TTU Honors Program currently has a rolling admissions policy, so there is no firm deadline for applications. However, if you wish to enjoy as many benefits as possible, we encourage you to join when you attend SOAR or earlier. See, for example, the following two items.

3. We recommend that you also fill out a Little Sibling Application . Being matched with an Honors Big Sib gives you a supportive resource: a current Honors student who knows about the program.

4. If you would like to live in the Honors Residence Hall, complete the Online Application Process for campus residence halls, and fill out the Honors Roommate Matching Form. Spots fill up fast, so applying to Honors early (as well as completing these documents) will increase your chance of getting a spot in this popular community.

5. When you come to SOAR, be sure to attend all three required meetings for Honors applicants:

PART I: 12:30 on Day One in RUC room 342

PART II: 6:30 on Day One in Farr 204A

PART III: After finishing in your department on Day Two, go to Farr 204A, where you'll complete your Honors admission and registration.