Honors Program

Grad School Preparation

Is the prospect of graduate school daunting and mysterious? Even if you're familiar with the concept and the process, read the following advice from successful Honors grads about preparing for a range of graduate programs.

A beginner's guide to preparing for grad school

  • Those who need an introduction to the grad school process can make an appointment with Dr. Barnes by sending three possible appointment times to her at ritabarnes@tntech.edu.  
  • All students considering grad school should start talking to faculty in their major department as early as possible for recommendations specific to their areas of interest. Get a variety of perspectives in order to find an approach right for you!  And be sure to talk to your Honors departmental liaison among other professors in your major.
  • The Honors office has a variety of study manuals for the GRE, MCAT, and LSAT; as well as other guides that you may check out.