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Honors Housing Information: 2015-2016

IMPORTANT! Murphy Hall, the Honors residence hall, is currently CLOSED for renovation beginning January, 2015, with re-opening scheduled for Spring, 2016.

During Fall, 2015, the Honors residence hall will be located on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of newly-remodeled Jobe Hall. In January, 2016, we anticipate the re-opening of newly-remodeled Murphy Hall, the permanent home for Honors on-campus housing. For spring semester 2016, current Honors housing residents may choose to remain in Jobe Hall, or to relocate to Murphy Hall, for the rest of academic year 2015-16.

If you are interested in living in Honors housing during academic year 2015-2016, the information on this page is for you.

PLEASE read the section that applies to you:

For Returning Students:

  • In order to live in the Honors residence hall, you need to maintain eligibility. This means that you must take and pass at least one Honors course each semester until you have completed all course requirements for graduation in cursu honorum. Exceptions are made in certain special situations. Contact Dr. Barnes if you think you qualify for an exception.
  • These procedures apply to persons already residing in Honors housing as well as those returning students wishing to move to the Honors residence hall from another residence hall.
  • TTU Residential Life housing applications for Honors housing for academic year 2015-2016 must be completed in paper form in the Honors Office. If applying for Honors housing, do NOT complete an online Residential Life application.
  • The DEADLINE for receipt of ALL application materials from RETURNING students is Monday, March 30, at 4:30 pm. Please read carefully the directions below on this page.
  • You need to indicate specific requests on the Honors Roommate Matching Form: e.g. keep same room; keep same roommate; single room; etc…
  • If you want to request a roommate, BOTH of you need to complete all of the application materials for next year if you want to live in Honors housing. Both of you must be eligible to live in Honors housing.
  • The Honors Housing Assistant will match and assign roommates as applications are received and eligibility verified.
  • Under normal circumstances, returning students who submit materials by the March 30 deadline would be accepted into Honors housing in the following priority order:
  1. Qualifying returning students already in Honors housing who want to keep the same room.
  2. Qualifying returning students already in Honors housing who want a new room assignment.
  3. Qualifying returning Honors students not currently living in Honors housing.

This year, priority will be given to qualified returning Honors students who lived in Murphy Hall during Fall, 2014. All other qualified returning Honors students will be accepted into Honors housing in the order of application, while space is available. Placement decisions will also be affected by the number of available male and female rooms.

Required Application Materials:

  1. The Honors Housing Roommate Matching FormComplete the form, print the completed form, and submit the paper form to the Honors Office.
  2. The Residential Life Application for Honors Housing (Obtain at the Honors Office and complete the form at the Honors Office.)
  3. A check for $100 payable to "TTU" or $100 in cash. (A check is preferred.) If cash, EXACT AMOUNT is REQUIRED.

Application and Selection Process:

  1. The deadline for submission of application materials to the Honors Office is Monday, March 30, 4:30 p.m.
  2. Complete the Honors Roommate Matching Form, save the document; print the document; submit the form to the Honors office.)
  3. Get a check for $100 payable to "TTU" for the ResLife application fee. -- OR -- Bring $100 in cash to the Honors Office. (A check is preferred.)
  4. Get a copy of the ResLife Application for Jobe Hall Honors housing from the Honors Office.
  5. Complete the Application for Jobe Hall Honors housing while at the Honors Office.
  6. All materials must be completed and submitted in the Honors Office by Monday, March 30, at 4:30 pm.

For NEW Students:

  • If you want to live in the Honors residence hall, you must indicate "Honors Housing - Jobe Hall" as your first choice on the TTU Online On-Campus Housing Application form. The deadline for applying for Honors Housing is August 1, 2015.
  • If you have already submitted a TTU On-Campus Housing Application form, you do not need to complete another one.
  • Room assignments in Honors housing are made by the Honors Program staff. Any specific requests (e.g. single room, a specific roommate, etc.) must be made on the Honors Housing Roommate Matching Form.
  • Freshmen wishing to reside in Honors housing must submit BOTH applications: the TTU Online On-Campus Housing Application, AND the Honors Housing Roommate Matching form.
  • Housing assignments in the Honors residence hall are made by matching roommates on compatible characteristics, habits, and preferences, not necessarily in the order received.
  • You will not receive an Honors housing assignment until you have attended SOAR and completed the Honors Program registration process. Students interested in living in Honors housing are encouraged to attend SOAR on the earliest possible dates. If you are unable to attend SOAR and desire an assignment in Honors housing, please contact Mr. Clark, the Associate Director, at
  • If Honors Housing - Jobe Hall is your first choice, be sure to indicate second and third choices on the TTU On-Campus Housing Application, in case Honors housing is full.

Required Application Materials:

  1. The TTU Online Housing Application pdf_icon_sm
  2. The Honors Housing Roommate Matching Form

Application Process:

  1. Download and print application materials by clicking on the links on this page.
  2. Fill out the TTU On-Campus Housing Application ONLINE.
  3. Access and complete the Honors Housing Application/Matching Form, After completing the form, PRINT a paper copy of the completed form.
  4. Send the completed paper copy of the Honors Housing Application/Matching Form by regular mail to:
    The Honors Program, Tennessee Tech University, c/o Mr. MIchael Clark, Box 5124, Cookeville, TN 38505