Honors Program

Campus Event Schedules

Each organization or entity listed below is responsible for maintaining and updating its own schedule of events. For more information, look for contact information on each organization's website.


  • These concerts take place in Wattenbarger Auditorium, Bryan Fine Arts Building, unless otherwise stated. Concerts are FREE unless otherwise stated. Please exercise appropriate etiquette and behavior when attending these concerts (NO talking, NO phones or tablets, NO photos or recordings, NO refreshments, NO late arrivals, NO early departures). Get your Unit 2 Tracking sheet stamped by the usher at the door at the END of the concert. This is your proof of attendance.

CENTER STAGE Speakers and Events

  • These events are funded by student activity fees in order to present highly acclaimed speakers, artists, musicians, and other cultural events free of charge. Get a signature on your Unit 2 Tracking Form.

TTU Varsity Sports Events (Click on SCHEDULES)

  • ONE varsity sporting event per semester for HPEO credit. A selfie with the game in the background will be counted as proof of attendance. Email the pic to: honorshpeo@tntech.edu.

TTU WOMEN'S CENTER Programs and Events

COUNSELING CENTER Student Success Workshops

  • These workshops cover many useful and interesting topics. They are open to all students. The workshops are scheduled from 11-11:50 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


  • Major dramatic productions presented during fall and spring semesters. Plays are typically 2-3 hours in length.

ART EXHIBITS at the Joan Derryberry Gallery, RUC

  • Nationally and regionally prominent artists exhibit their works at the gallery in the RUC. Claim only the amount of time that you were there viewing the art work. Have attendant sign your Unit 2 Tracking Sheet