Honors Program

Activity Categories and Limits

Documenting activities and events for HPEO: Follow these 4 steps.

1. You need to get proof of attendance for each activity you attend. This proof typically takes the form of a signature or stamp, depending on the nature of the event.

2. Each time you attend an event, take your Unit 2 Tracking Sheet with you and get a signature or stamp from an authorized person at the event (usher, presider, other person in charge).

3. Take a picture of the Unit 2 Tracking Sheet so that the newly attended event information including signature or stamp is clearly visible.  

4. Send to Honorshpeo@tntech.edu within 3 days of attendance.  Put “Unit 2 Tracking Sheet” as the subject line.

Required Hours

  • You are required to attend a TOTAL of eight activities and events.
  • You must report at least two events in ALL FOUR of the categories listed below.

Activities that you CANNOT count

  • You may NOT count any activity that you are otherwise required to attend or take part in. That is, you can't count something that you do for a course assignment, or as a required event for a club or other group that you participate in.
  • You can't count activities that are religious in nature or which are motivated by religious involvement.  Volleyball night at the BCM, for example, would still count as a Social Category event. 

Categories and Limits

  • CULTURAL: at least two events.
  • ACADEMIC: at least two events.
  • SOCIAL: at least two events.  MAXIMUM of one major sporting event.  MAXIMUM of one campus chartered club meeting or event.
  • HONORS/ASG: at least two events.
  • OTHER: Other events with PRIOR approval of Mrs. Roberts.

If and when you have questions about whether an activity qualifies for HPEO, direct your questions to Mrs. Roberts Lrroberts@tntech.edu at least 3 days in advance of the event.