Honors Program

HPEO Campus Activities Guide

FALL Semester Freshman HPEO: Unit 2 Personal and Professional Development

Attend at least two activities from each category:

Cultural Enrichment Category:

-Bryan Fine Arts Center Concert

-Joan Derryberry Art Gallery Talk

-Center Stage Event

-Talon Theater Production

-Honors Arts & Cultural Event

Academic Exploration Category:

-Honors Research Seminar*

-Departmental Research Seminar

-Thesis Defense

-Academic Talks by Visiting Scholars

-Honors Academic Book Club

Social and Professional Development Category: 

-Chartered Student Organization Meeting or Event (ONE max)

-Major Athletic Event (ONE max)

-Career Center Workshop

-Honors/ASG Social Event

-Honors Fun Book Club

Honors Community Involvement Category:

-Honors-sponsored Event

-ASG-sponsored Event

You will attend at least eight total events.  If you have questions about whether an event not listed above will count, email Mrs. Roberts for pre-approval at least three days in advance.