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An EXCELLENT place to begin your search for a setting in which to perform service is:

The departmental office of your major department

Visit your major advisor or the secretary in the office of your major department. Ask of there is an opportunity for you to provide service for a faculty member or for the secretary in the department office. Explain that it is Honors scholarship service and that you can work for 20 hours over the semester. Determine who in the department will service as your supervisor, and set a weekly work schedule. Ask the supervisor to sign your HPEO Commitment Form.

This is an excellent way to begin a relationship with a faculty member in your department who may, in the future, be willing to include you in research projects or other scholarly activities.

Here are a few other campus sites that welcome Honors students doing HPEO Unit 1 service.
Feel free to contact the supervisor directly, or Mr. Clark can assist you in making contact with the supervisor.

TTU Women's Center

The Women's Center is a referral and resource center on topics and issues that affect women. Men as well as women are encouraged to use the resources available, and may work as volunteers at the center. The office is located in the University Center.
View a DESCRIPTION of the Women's Center .
The supervisor and contact person is Ms. Diana Lalani: email:; Phone: 372-3850.

The Millard Oakley STEM Center at TTU

The Millard Oakley STEM Center is a brand new facility and program the mission of which is to promote the interest of all students in the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
Read more about the STEM Center.
Your supervisor and contact is Mr. Jonathon Riggsbee, Administrative assistant, STEM Center: Email:; Phone: 372-6573.
This would be a MOST exciting service assignment, with many interesting and varied tasks available.

Engineering Computer Labs

There will be openings available this fall for new HPEO students who want to work as Help Desk assistants in the Engineering computer labs.
There will be a MANDATORY meeting for any students interested on Thursday, AUG. 28 at 11:00 am, in Clement Hall Room 405. If you are interested in this, BE AT THAT MEETING.
The supervisor is Mr. Joel Seber. Email:; Phone: 372-3734.

TTU Fitness Center

Students perform many duties and functions at the TTU Fitness Center. Some students in this setting are used to organize, direct, and referee intramural sports.
Work schedules are flexible and can be easily arranged around class schedules.
The person to contact at the Fitness Center is Ms. Suzann Hensley:; 372-6211.

There are service opportunities available in many other locations and offices on campus. Ask Mr. Clark about possible HPEO service in an area that interest you.

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