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What is GSIR?

Getting Started in Undergraduate Research (GSIR) is a semester-long individualized program to assist Honors students in entering and participating in undergraduate research with a faculty mentor. During the semester, students in GSIR will meet in a small group (3-5 students). There will be an initial meeting at the start of fall semester, followed by 2-3 additional meetings, depending on students' needs. Each student is subsequently directed through a series of assignments and activities. The goal at semester's end is for each student participant to have identified a faculty research mentor in the major, and to be planning scholarly activity with that mentor for the following semester.

GSIR is required of upper class HPEO participants who are not engaged in any of the other Unit 2 options for scholarly activity. GSIR comprises the Unit 2 activity for the semester in which it is done.

Initial small group meetings will be arranged via email and Doodle polls. Watch your TTU email for details and directions.

View the webpage for URECA!: Undergraduate Research at TTU