Honors Program

HPEO NEWS and Announcements

NOTES for the beginning of SPRING SEMESTER:

  • Come to the Honors office and pick up HPEO forms for spring semester.
  • UNIT 1: If you are working for a faculty or staff person (or department) on campus, you need to get that person's signature.
  • UNIT 2: If you will be doing research with a faculty research mentor, you need to get that person's signature. 
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: If you plan to do community service for UNIT 1 (upper) or UNIT 3 (freshman), you need to contact Michelle or Kaitlin in the Service Learning Center and get a signature.
  • BIG SIBS: You can check "Big Sib" only if you have served as a BIg Sib during fall semester, as well.
  • Please direct questions about HPEO and HAS to Mrs. Lindsey Roberts lrroberts@tntech.edu.