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Go to THIS PAGE to check on your HPEO progress to date. Click on "Check your HPEO status and progress" and log in. This online resource is updated once or twice weekly. Email Mr. Clark if you have lost your password, need assistance logging in, or have questions about the accuracy of the posted data.


SHORT VERSION: For most unit options (NOT campus activities), do TWO things:

  • Submit a summary paragraph describing and reflecting on your experiences fulfilling that unit. Put the paragraph in the BODY of an email addressed to: In the subject line, put your name and the Unit number (1, 2, or 3).
  • Ask the supervisor for that unit to submit a short, quick email to verifying that you have successfully completed your commitments for that Unit.

LONG VERSION: Check out all the detailed instruction ON THIS PAGE. Email Mr. Clark with any questions about documentation.

DEADLINE: All activities must be completed, and all documentation must be received on or before DECEMBER 5, which is the last day of classes.


Completion of freshman Unit 2, campus activities, requires a FULL 20 hours of approved, documented campus activities. We do NOT round up! 20 hours - NOT 19.5 - are necessary to fulfill Unit 2 campus activities. Last-minute exceptions to limits and requirements will NOT be made. The usual rules will be enforced to the very end. Finish and report your activities as soon as possible.