Honors Program

HPEO Scholarship Service Rules

Authority and Availability

Students in the Regents universities who are Full Members of university-wide Honors programs, and who have a service requirement as a condition of their academic scholarships, may substitute their Honors programs' enrichment programs for the 75-hour service requirement for each semester that such service is required. At Tennessee Tech these scholarships are designated as the University Academic Scholarship (UAS) and the Vice Presidents' Award (VPA).


Entering freshmen who are eligible for the HPEO program are those people who join the Honors Program as Full Members (therefore having an ACT composite of 26 or higher). To remain a Full Member and thus eligible to continue participating in the HPEO, Honors students must maintain a 3.50 average and take at least one Honors course per semester, EACH semester, until all requirements for graduation in cursu honorum have been met.

Grace Period and Continuing Eligibility

At the end of fall semester your first year, if your cumulative average is 3.10 or higher, you may continue to do HPEO activities instead of the 75-hour service requirement during second semester. At the end of your spring semester, however, and thereafter, you must have a minimum 3.50 cumulative GPA to continue to do HPEO. If your cumulative average falls below 3.50 at the end of spring semester or thereafter, you return to the 75-hour regular scholarship service requirement. If you regain your 3.50, you can return to HPEO-- if you are continuing to average two Honors courses a year. Many students' averages bob up and down; it is best to aim for graduation with Honors and with as much HPEO work as you can manage, for the sake of your intellectual development.

You may choose to participate in the various HPEO activities without being a Full Member of the Honors Program or without having a service scholarship, but you cannot use these activities to substitute for your scholarship service unless you are a Full Member. You may choose to be a Full Member of the Honors Program and not participate in any of the Honors Program/HPEO/ASG activities, though you would miss out on a lot of good opportunities. These activities are designed to broaden your perspectives and hone your thinking skills, with a great deal of latitude being left to you to choose when you are ready to engage in each activity. HPEO activities are intended to give you wide individual choices for development, as you choose your life goals. Most of them are résumé-enhancing, and together with your evaluation forms will help the Honors Directors as they write letters of recommendation for you, both during school and after.

You may drop out of the HPEO Program at the end of any semester, simply by filling out the drop form in the Honors Office. If you drop out after one semester of HPEO, you must return to your work scholarship.

HPEO Program Philosophy and Goals

For a freshman to use the HPEO as a substitute for 75 hours of service in a semester, he or she must complete a 20-hour service unit, a development unit, and a group participation unit. Each unit will take approximately 20 hours of your time. Within each unit exist several choices. We hope you will choose options that will suit your individual needs each semester. The purpose of the service unit is to give you some practical experience; to get to know some people in your major interest areas, and to gain contacts for résumés and letters of recommendation. The development unit exists to encourage student involvement in a wide variety of cultural, social, and academic actibities. The group participation unit offers students opportunities to become involved in group-based activities such as committee service and community service. . At least one unit must be directly related to the Honors Program. In line with the Honors Program s goal of breadth in Honors education, the HPEO is designed to allow the student to have a fairly broad range of experiences while satisfying scholarship requirements.

For an upperclassman to use the HPEO as a substitute for 75 hours of service in a semester, he or she must complete each of the following 3 units: a 20-hour service unit, a scholarship unit, and a leadership unit. At least one unit must be directly related to the Honors Program. Double-counting of activities is not acceptable, but there is some flexibility in deciding which unit (leadership, scholarship, service, or work) an activity satisfies. Feel free to ask the Directors. Students must remain full members of the Honors Program to continue participating in HPEO. Upperclass HPEO activities are generally at a more significant level of involvement than freshman HPEO units and allow for more focus on developing leadership and scholarly abilities, all the while continuing to build the student's résumé.