Honors Program

HPEO Tracking Sheet Tips!

  1. Use INK, not pencil, to fill out the form.
  2. Write LEGIBLY.
  3. Attend the ENTIRE event if you intend to claim it. (It's also very rude to leave before the end of a performance or talk.)
     4. Get PROOF of attendance:
-- Varsity sporting event, Dinner on Dixie, Dancing on Dixie, or other mass-attendance, informal event:

SELFIE with event evidenced in the background (send to Honorshpeo@tntech.edu within 3 days).

-- Concert in Bryan Fine Arts: USHER STAMP on Unit 2 Tracking sheet

-- ALL OTHER EVENTS: SIGNATURE and title of a person who is running, ushering, or supervising the event.

5. Take a photo or scan the form and send to Honorshpeo@tntech.edu after you log each event within 3 days.  Remember:

--The first four events are due by Friday October 6.  

--The entire form (all eight events), including the paragraph on the back is due by Friday November 3.

6. SUBMIT the complete form to Mrs. Roberts via the Honors Office by November 3