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Honors Program

For Transfer and Continuing Students

Our 2022 application for transfer and continuing Tech students will go live in October. Please explore what we offer until then!

Find your own tailored Honors path at Tech as an experienced student.

At the time of admission to Honors, transfer and continuing Tech students must have completed 12 or more credit hours as a full-time college student with a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher, and have at least four full-time semesters remaining before graduation.

How to prepare to apply and plan your Honors experience:

  1. Consider your reasons for joining. What are some specific ways that this Honors Program's opportunities will help you achieve your goals? 
  2. Read the Graduation Requirements listed under "For Prospective Students."  How will you be able to use Honors requirements as an integral part of your education at Tech?
  3.  Complete the 2022 application for Transfer and Continuing Students. After review, eligible applicants will be invited to continue with the planning form as part of their application process. (Feel free to view the form and start planning in advance.)

In your online application, tell us what really motivates you to apply for this opportunity.  Tips: do not use clichés, phrases directly from our website, or generalizations that could apply to any institution of higher learning. Be realistic and specific, and let us know who you are: not just another bright student!

4. Create a plan for graduating in Honors using this form.
  • Your plan must be based on the Honors graduation requirements, your remaining curricular requirements, your interests, and the Honors credit-bearing opportunities you can read about on our website.
  • Your plan should include a combination of courses, contracts, and other credit-bearing opportunities such as Honors Experiential Learning. Honors Contracts are not offered for your first semester in Honors.
  • Don't include courses that you do not need or intend to take, as this will not present your plan in a realistic light. For example, if you've completed your General Education courses, do not include one of the these courses simply because it's an Honors course.

    Some useful information that you can find on our website:
    • The list of credit-bearing Honors options under "For Current Students"->"Courses and Credit" including the list of Honors courses typically offered
    • The description of the Honors permit process in the same section
    • Your major department's course plan and your assigned advisor in your department
    • The "Getting in Touch with Us" section, in case you have questions not answered on the website 

Submit your plan via email to with the subject line "Honors plan." 

The Honors office will contact you via your Tech e-mail after reviewing your credentials. We may not be able to respond immediately while serving current students, so please be patient.  If you would like to check on the status of your application, please contact us at

To apply to Honors as a transfer or continuing Tech student for 2022, please check back in October for the updated application form.

Tech Honors might not be what you expected--learn about us!

The 2022 Honors Program Application is coming soon!  We look forward to getting to know you.

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