Outstanding Professional Award

The Outstanding Professional Staff Award shall be awarded on an annual basis to an employee in the EEO3 administrative staff category.

The administrative office responsible for supervision of the Committee shall be that of Human Resources.

A cash award of $1,000 along with an engraved plaque will be presented by the President or his designee.

Storage of materials:

The files of nominees, including the nomination form, reference letters, and all other supporting documentation of the nomination, shall be retained by Human Resources and remain active for three consecutive years, including the first year of nomination. References provided by each nominee would still have the option of submitting updated information each year.

Committee Composition

The Outstanding Professional Staff Award Committee shall be a University Committee appointed by the President to select the recipients of the award.

The Committee shall include one (1) faculty, one (1) administrator, one (1) administrative staff, one (1) clerical and support staff, and one (1) student selected by the SGA. The initial appointments should be made with two members serving three-year terms, two members serving two-year terms, and one member serving a one-year term. Subsequent appointments will be made for three-year terms with the exception of students who will be appointed for one-year terms.

If the administration staff representative is nominated for the award, that person may refuse the appointment; and the President will then appoint a replacement. When possible, previous winners will be appointed for Committee membership.

Qualifications for Nominees 

Any professional staff member who has been employed full-time at the University in an administrative position for three (3) years is eligible for the award.

A professional staff member who has received the award shall not be eligible for that award again for a period of five (5) years. Only one nomination is needed to place a candidate's name in nomination. A nomination can be made by any member of the University community (faculty, staff, students).


Outstanding Job Performance 

Based on assigned duties with reference being made to annual evaluations.

Outstanding Attitude 

Includes attitude toward students, colleagues, the University, and general public.


Based on how well the nominee serves, supports, and promotes the University.

Professional Development 

Based on certifications, seminars, conferences, additional training and/or education, etc.

Program Introductions 

Includes suggestions made by nominee for improvements which result in cost savings, increased efficiency, or improved service.

Committee Responsibilities 

When nominations are received, the Committee shall request support documentation after obtaining written permission from the nominee. The Committee shall then take into consideration all of the information described below in selecting the recipient.

The following materials will be requested from the appropriate individuals or components:

1. Letters of recommendation from supervisor and/or department head.

2. Three (3) names of references to be contacted by the Committee.

3. Annual performance evaluations to be provided by Human Resources .Support documentation for professional development.

4. Any other information deemed necessary by the Committee for making the final selection.


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