Diversity and Legal Affairs

Preventing Sexual Harassment Training

Message from President Philip B. Oldham

As employees of Tennessee Technological University, all of us share in the responsibility of building and maintaining sound working and academic relationships. Our success depends on our ability to educate our students and work together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Promoting an environment free of all forms of harassment is one way to demonstrate TTU's commitment to providing a respectful environment.

In support of the University's commitment to maintain a positive, productive work and academic environment that is free of any form of harassment or bias and to provide our community with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill these responsibilities, we have the on-line training program, "Preventing Sexual Harassment." Although the training focuses on ways to identify and prevent sexual harassment, it also addresses key issues that can be easily applied to racial and other types of harassment.

The training uses an active learning process that does not disrupt your work responsibilities or require you to schedule time for another training class.

Please give serious attention to this, and take away from this training a personal commitment to provide an educational and work environment free of harassment. Thank you for the great work that you do at Tennessee Tech!

Philip B. Oldham