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Tennessee Tech degrees give grads the highest salary potential of all public universities in TN.

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Student Spotlight

It was a challenging journey with his own health that led Cesar Espinosa, ’22 nursing, to the easy decision to studying nursing. “I really want to work with cancer kids,” he said. “I really want to work in hematology oncology.”

Cesar Espinosa

Faculty Spotlight

Jerry Gannod's first computer was a Timex Sinclair, what he calls "a glorified calculator." Since then, the chair of Tech's computer science department has grown his love and understanding of computers, along with his interest in helping students succeed.

Jerry Gannod

Research Spotlight

Ambareen Siraj teaches cybersecurity courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level and has focused her research on the vast areas surrounding cybersecurity, including situation assessment in network security, secure communication in smart grids and security education.

Ambareen Siraj

Alumni Spotlight

From an eagle to an elephant, Drake Fenlon has worn many outfits in his post-collegiate mascot career. Fenlon was an award-winning Awesome Eagle and now is the mascot for the Oakland A's baseball team.

Drake Fenlon

Career Spotlight

After starting a career in nursing, Chynna Crawford, ’19 accounting, refocused and found her place as an accounting major at Tech, setting her sights on getting her CPA license. She isn’t leaving her nursing knowledge behind. Instead, she is using her past experiences to build a new career.

Chynna Crawford
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