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Student Story

As a first-generation college student, Emily Buckner, human resources '19, had many questions about the college experience, but quickly found her place as a transfer student to Tennessee Tech.

Emily Buckner

Faculty Story

Jerry Gannod's first computer was a Timex Sinclair, what he calls "a glorified calculator." Since then, the chair of Tech's computer science department has grown his love of computers, along with his interest in helping students succeed.

Jerry Gannod

Research Story

As wireless vehicles gain popularity, Tech's Center for Energy Systems Research is exploring new wireless charging technology.

Wireless Charging Research

Alumni Story

Gina Pruitt, accounting ‘85, is drawn to young people, especially those who have a similar background to her own. It’s part of what has made her role in accounting and IT consulting leadership impactful.

Gina Pruitt

Career Story

At the Tennessee State Capitol, decisions that affect the lives of citizens across the state are being made. Among state leaders making those decisions are legislative interns from Tennessee Tech, learning about state government and leadership.

Zach Stephens
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Alumni Story
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