The College of Business



The Governor's School for Innovation & Entrepreneurship allows scholars the opportunity to develop I&E mindsets while providing fun interaction with others of similar interest. Classes are held each weekday which all scholars attend. One class focuses upon entrepreneurship, while the other explores innovation concepts, technologies, leadership, and much more. Students will take classes during the day, leaving time for evening and weekend activities.

The schedule utilized for GSBIT 2015 (the former GSIE) can be found here. *We are currently working to adjust the schedule based on previous student feedback. These schedules only serve as a sample of activities and a basic "day-in-the-life" structure.


The Governor‘s School for Innovation & Entrepreneurship's curriculum is designed to teach you how to develop a business plan, think like an entrepreneur, learn about innovation, and to become a leader in your community. Upon successful completion of the program, you will also earn 3 hours of college credit. Once classes start, you will be assigned a team that will work together along side a leader/mentor. You will then devise a business idea that will evolve into a real business plan! Once your business plan is finalized, you will compete in a pitch competition at the culmination of the program. In addition to regular classes, guest speakers will provide a "real-world" perspective on business leadership.


  • Financial management
  • Marketing plan
  • Human resource management
  • Strategic management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business law and ethics


  • Problem-solving & critical thinking
  • Human-centered thinking models
  • Creativity building and maker-mindedness
  • Explore business concepts in interdisciplinary settings such as chemistry, engineering and more


Although students will be learning valuable material about innovation and entrepreneurship, you will also have the opportunity to relax and have fun after classes. Various activities are offered throughout the four-week stay, including evening activities after dinner most week nights. You can also enjoy all-day activities on Saturdays and half-day activities on Sundays. Some of the available activities are listed below.


  • Movie nights
  • Sports
  • Game shows
  • Group games at the Fitness Center
  • Board games
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Much more!


  • We will announce weekend activities during the opening ceremony. We have awesome things in the works!