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2018 TN Tech Eagle Works Winners

  • 1st Place - Hands On
    Hands On is an innovative way to progressively improve grip strength in the hand of the user. The Hands On team is passionate about bringing this product to market because of the broad range of ailments the glove can help to manage as well as reducing pain, preventing injuries, and extending the life and usability of the hand.
  • 2nd Place - Gelnomics
    Gelnomics is here to revolutionize how DNA is used extracted and viewed. We are changing the face of bio-engineering!
  • 3rd Place - Kangaroo Pocket
    Have you ever been in the airport and wished you had just ONE MORE POCKET for all your electronic gadgets?! Yeah, us too. That's why we created the Kangaroo Pocket.

2017 TN Tech Eagle Works Winners

  • 1st Place - SafeSurv
    SafeSurv curbs underage sales of controlled substances and protects the businesses, owners, and employees involved in the sale of age restricted products through providing the first full compliance solution in the market. At the its core sits the proprietary SafeSurv IDReader, the single most accurate method for detecting fake IDs.
  • 2nd Place - SkyFallX
    SkyFallX is poised to become the leader in drone safety and recovery equipment. We have combined the latest technology with a robust business model and are ready to dominate the up and coming drone market.
  • 3rd Place - VIPid
    A company committed to changing the way you exchange your contact information. As the power of networking and instantaneous digital information sharing continues to grow, Vipid is leading the way.

2016 TN Tech Eagle Works Winners

1st Place: Gigamuch

Five bros on a mission to make the world more delicious with an app that's like Etsy... but for food. Check out their website here!

2nd Place: VIPid

An innovative application improving the way people exchange their professional contact information.

3rd Place: Spotted

A parking discovery system developed with the busy college student in mind. Never waste time looking for parking again!

4th Place: AM Optics

This startup hopes to revolutionize the eyewear industry through the use of additive manufacturing technology, also known as 3D printing.

2015 TN Tech Eagle Works Winners

The 2015 competition featured three tracks (categories). All future competitions will not feature tracks.

Traditional Entrepreneurship Track

1st: Socialize
Socialize is a consulting firm that works primarily with small businesses to grow their customer reach. Socialize utilizes social media and other web outlets to promote its clients’ businesses.

2nd: EarthFirst
EarthFirst’s mission is to provide customers with cutting-edge energy solutions by utilizing tomorrow’s technology in an innovative way. The company will focus on the distribution of an emerging technology called piezo-electric generators.

3rd: KBHD Financial Solutions, LLC
KBHD Financial Solutions LLC is a start-up financial organization company, offering a way to organize personal/business receipts and a way to easily keep track of itemized deductions for the coming tax year.

Technovate Track

1st: TTU Motorsports
TTU Motorsports plans to manufacture a prototype open wheel open cockpit car to be sold to schools as a STEM teaching aid.

2nd: JamSesh
JamSesh’s mission is to offer musicians the previously impossible experience of collaboratively drafting the beginning of a song idea, the moment you have the idea -anytime, anywhere.

3rd: Ferro Cubed
Using the latest in nanotechnology materials, we bring you the F-cubed, a transparent cube enclosure that contains Ferro fluid material that reacts to controlled magnetic fields.

Social Track

1st: KeePoo
KeePoo seeks to give all students, regardless of income, the same mathematical education experience by providing a calculator smartphone application that eliminates the need for high-end (cumbersome, expensive) calculators while still containing the same functionality.

2nd: Alcotect Pro
Alcotect Pro is a social technology company that seeks to protect users from the disastrous effects of underage binge drinking.

3rd: Odyssey Impact
Odyssey Impact provides a new way to travel. By connecting adventurous travelers and impoverished locals, the service creates opportunities for authentic travel, as well as new sources of income.

Golden Impacts Challenge

Best poster: Modified Device for Monitoring Glucose Levels in DKA Patients

Best pitch: The Chip Cup

Best product: Gum Disease Detection Tray