The College of Business

Alicen Long

Marketing & Psychology, TN Tech University

Fall 2016 UIFellow

Scrolling through Facebook one day, Alicen saw TN Tech UIFellow Ashlin’s post about the opportunity she had to attend training at Stanford and Google. After running into Ashlin in the library on campus, Alicen felt compelled to ask about her trip and ended up applying for the program as a result of this conversation.

Alicen believes I&E should be integrated into higher education because I&E

opens up a new frame of mind that typically isn’t taught today, a frame of mind that inspires people to think about how they can improve the world around them. My favorite quote is ‘The only thing that matters in life is your impact on other’s lives.’ The way I view and hope to utilize I&E is to do just that: have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Early in Alicen’s UIF training, the TN Tech cohort noticed somewhat of a disconnect between all majors and the I&E resources Tech offers. She specifically took note of the disconnect within the psychology department. Alicen’s first goal as a UIFellow is to help bridge this gap by exposing and educating students about virtual reality (VR) and how it is currently being used to accelerate improvement for patients.