The College of Business

Enis Cirak

Chemical Engineering, TN Tech University

Spring 2014 UIFellow

Enis first learned about the UIFellows when Chemical Engineering associate professor and member of the Pathways to Innovation committee, Dr. Holly Stretz introduced him to the program and encouraged him to apply. Enis still maintains this program ended up being an incredibly transformational experience for him during his college career.

I&E in higher education is important to Enis because:

The future of our society requires critical thinking and self-driven vision, that is what I&E teaches. The future of personal fulfillment requires us to actually follow our dreams and be creative, that is what I&E teaches.

As a UIFellow, Enis organized a group of inspired and bright students to create the first ever Social Entrepreneurship Society (SES) at TN Tech. Together he and some close friends led monthly meetings where members discussed a wide variety of amazing topics. The organization even held a TEDx like event that attracted over 300 guests and 8 incredible speakers.