The College of Business

Justin Medley

Interdisciplinary Studies ('09), TN Tech University

MBA ('11), TN Tech University

PSM ('16), TN Tech University

Computer Science, Ph. D. Candidate

Justin first discovered the UIFellows during his 2016 Eagle Works experience. Two of his teammates were Fellows and after hearing them talk about their own experiences, he knew he had to apply.

Integrating innovation and entrepreneurship into high education is important to Justin because he believes:

The more you start to pay attention to the world and what's going on at every level, you realize that I&E [innovation & entrepreneurship] permeates everything about modern society. It's important that Higher Ed be part of this movement, because it is one institution that can be particularly slow and difficult to change.

As a new UIFellow, Justin plans to leverage his knowledge of the culture on TN Tech's campus provided to him by his personal network of friends/stakeholders/professors/etc. Combined with his own experience over the years, he believes having this knowledge is half of the "battle" of being a change agent. He hopes to work with his leadership circle to take advantage of and capitalize on this basis, thereby bringing positive change to the campus innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere.