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About the Technology Institute


Our mission is to foster the effective and innovative use of technology supporting excellence in the educational mission of the faculty of TTU.


Technology Institute is an enterprise of fusing learning and technological innovation. Our philosophy of technology is that it must open new possibilities for learning and education. We use technology for the purpose of furthering education and strive beyond the notion that technology should only be used for technology's sake. Technology should serve us. The ideal in technology is that it becomes invisible and natural in use. Our philosophy of education is a positive and collaborative experience which must be challenging, engaging, interactive and communicative. The Technology Institute is available to the faculty of TTU as a community of interest, activity, and experience for effectively engaging participants with tools of technology for learning.

Core Values

  • Faculty Centered
  • Effective and seamless integration of technology
  • Promote collaboration
  • Empower Faculty
  • Pedagogically sound use of technology