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Adobe® Connect™ is a web conferencing platform for online learning, meetings and webinars.

Fully host, present, and collaborate on virtually any mobile device - including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook. Begin and end meetings, advance slides and control animations, share documents and other media-rich content, take shared notes, run polls, and drive meetings with active tools and pods.


  • Up to 100 participants including the moderator
  • Available 24/7 with your own unique web address
  • Connect through most browsers with no additional software to install
  • Mobile compatibility with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and PlayBook
  • Presentations may include animations, images, audio, or video
  • Record meetings and convert to a downloadable mp4 file.
  • Upload content for participants to download
  • Chat with the whole class or individually with the moderator
  • Breakout rooms for group discussions and presentations
  • Real-time interaction through polls, hand raising, applause, laughter, thumbs-up and thumbs-down indicators