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TechSmith Relay allows you to video capture anything on the computer screen and along with recording your voice. It will then automatically publish those recordings for you and email you the link for you to share. You can share in class lectures or create additional content for out-of-class review.

Go to the Web Account

What you will need:

  1. Web Account to maintain your profile and publishing destination information.
    • username: (ttu domain·username for email etc.)
    • password: (ttu domain·password for email etc.)
  2. Download the Recorder
  3. Login to the recorder with your ttu username and password.

Download the TechSmith Relay Recorder from your web account located at After downloading the application select TechSmith Relay from your programs or applications. You may find it in a file folder labeled "Tech Smith."


Recorder Overview

  1. Audio configuration. If automatic audio adjustment is enabled, you do not need to use this audio configuration. However, if you choose to control your audio manually, click here to select a microphone and set volume levels.
  2. Display selector. If you have more than one display available, click here to select a display to record.
  3. Camera selector. Click here to turn on your camera and select which camera you'd like to record. By default, camera is set to "do not record."
  4. Hotkeys. Click here to set hotkeys for record/pause and stop.
  5. Recording preview. A preview of what your recording looks like when it has finished processing. You can also click here to select a different display to record. You are currently limited to recording one display and one camera at a time.
  6. Profile selector. Select the profile you'd like to apply to your recording.
  7. Title. Give your presentation a meaningful title here, or wait until after you've completed your recording, but before you send it to the server.
  8. Description. Describe your recording topic, or describe what the recording contains. If you prefer, you can also enter the description after you've made your recording, but before you send the recording to the server.
  9. Connection indicator. Lets you know if you are connected to the server (indicated by a green check for connected) and the name of the server you are connected to.
  10. Test recording button. Clicking this button allows you to make a brief test recording to ensure that your display, camera, and audio look and sound as you expect.
  11. Record button. Click this button to begin your recording. After a three-second countdown, the recorder minimizes to your toolbar or dock. Click on it (or use a previously configured hotkey combination) to stop your recording, trim the ends, and send it to the server.
  12. Audio indicator. Allows you to toggle the automatic audio adjustment feature on or off, and provides a visual indication of your audio levels. If automatic audio adjustment is off, you can adjust audio volume levels here.
  1. New Features

    • Webcam Support - Now you can simultaneously record webcam video and screen video during your presentations and let your audience see you, hear you, and watch you present.
    • Global Caption Editor - Closed caption editing can be passed to an assistant to help you meet FCC compliance PDF. Request this profile by email:
    • Searchable video - Viewers can jump directly to the content they need by searching for a word or phrase that the presenter said or displayed on a slide.
    • Table of content thumbnail images of slides are generated when presenter is using Power Point or Keynote.
    • Multiple display support. Choose the display you want to record and monitor the recorder controls displayed on another display.

    Recorder Features

    Hotkeys Setup

    1. Select the keyboard icon above Hotkeys.
    2. Select the checkbox next to Record/Pause hotkey.
    3. Select the open textbox that is labeled Click to record shortcut.
    4. Select the desired keys in sequence. (Example: control key, down arrow key)
    1. Select the checkbox next to Stop hotkey.
    2. Select the open textbox that is labeled Click to record shortcut
    3. Select the desired keys in sequence. (Example: control key, up arrow key)


    The add-in allows you to automatically start a recording each time you start a presentation, however you start a presentation: clicking buttons, hotkeys, etc.

    1. Open PowerPoint. (After you install TechSmith Relay, it automatically prompts you to record when you start a PowerPoint slide show. You can change this and other default settings in the recording options.)
    2. Start a slide-show.
      A prompt asks if you want to record.
    3. Verify the audio selection and level.
    4. Click Record Slide Show.
    5. Give your presentation as normal.
      When you finish the slide show, you can end the recording or continue recording.
    6. When prompted, click Stop Recording to end the presentation.
    7. The presentation is shown in the TechSmith Relay Review dialog box.. You can review, trim, edit Presentation Details, log in (if needed), and submit your presentation for processing.
  1. What is the screen resolution size and format of the published recording?
    • Course 1, Course 2, Course 3 profiles are set to 800 x 600 resolution.
    • The format is standard mp4.
  2. Do I have to be connected to the Internet to record?
    • You do NOT have to be connected either wired or wireless to the Internet in order to record.
  3. Do I have to be connected to the Internet to publish the recording?
    • You DO need to be connected sometime after the recording by WIRE to the Internet to send the recording to the server for publication.
  4. Can I edit the recordings?
    • You can trim the beginning or ending of the recordings before you submit by selecting the Trimming Button.
    • A separate profile can be assigned that will create the files in a camrec format which can then be edited in Camtasia Studio. You can request this by contacting the administrator.
  5. How can I backup and move the recordings?
    • You can use an FTP program like Filezilla to manage the recording files on the server. Download Handout.