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Department of Homeland Security aggressive about updating address with students in the US on F-1 and J-1 visas!

It is very important that you update all address changes with the International Education Office immediately. By law you must update your address in 10 days with our office or you will lose your immigration status. Other visa statuses are required to submit the AR-11 to Kentucky to verify their address. If you have a special security clearance be sure to speak with the director. If we do not have an address on file we can not verify you are a student of Tennessee Tech and therefore you will be out of status with the Department of Homeland Security (INS). You can update your address through your Eagle Online Service. 

Employment off-campus on Severe Economic Hardship

Some international students during their stay in U.S. discover their currency has become devalued, a family member dies who they depend on for support, or their sponsor loses his/her job. These are all incidents which can lead a student to Severe Economic Hardship. The hardship must be beyond the student's control. For example, if a student is dismissed from an assistantship because of their attitude or absences, this will not qualify the student for severe hardship. To inquire about this, make an appointment with the International Education to speak with the director about the possibilities of applying for off-campus employment based on severe economic hardship. You can reach IE at 931-372-3634

To qualify: Student must be in F-1 status for one year before it is applicable; complete form I-765 (note C, 3, i) and the student must write a letter of explanation with documentation in English to support this fact. The duration of the work authorization will be one year.

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