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Those seeking art, music, dance, and theater will find all of this in Putnam County. Cookeville has a variety of museums, drama centers, and craft fairs. Cookeville's community is enhanced by many annual events.

Cookeville Events, Shopping, Restaurants, Attractions 
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  • Cookeville Film and Theatre
    If you are looking for visual entertainment, look no further than Cookeville's movie theaters, playhouses, and performance art.
  • Cookeville Fairs and Festivals
    From community run celebrations and annual fairs, to travelling festival entertainment, Cookeville has entertainment for the entire family.
  • Cookeville Concerts and Music
    No matter what your musical taste or preference, Cookeville's various musical performances and concerts throughout the year are sure to delight.
  • Cookeville Attractions and Sightseeing
    A region of breathtaking natural beauty, the Upper Cumberlands contain thundering waterfalls, primitive woodlands, and spectacular gorges.
  • Cookeville Sporting Events
    From local school sports to Tennessee Tech University games and sporting events, Cookeville has some great sports entertainment to offer sports fans of all interests.
  • Cookeville Dining and Lodging
    From quick meals and short stays, to exotic dining and long getaways; Cookeville offers the very best in dining and lodging.
  • Cookeville Parks and Recreation
    You won't have to look far for leisure activities in Cookeville. More than 150 civic, service, hobby, and social clubs, as well as a wide variety of beautiful parks and recreational facilities, are located in the Cookeville area.
  • Cookeville Sports and Outdoors
    Cookeville contains numerous sports leagues and organizations aimed at people of all ages and interests. That, along with an assortment of wide open spaces for various outdoor activities are sure to provide quality recreation for the whole family.

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