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International Education

I am here as an F-1 or J-1, and my wife or husband is here with me on F-2 or J-2, can he/she study at TTU?

Yes, spouses can study at TTU, but they cannot study full-time or be studying in hopes of receiving a degree. If they wish to get a degree, they need to change their status to F-1.

What will happen if I overstay my 60-day stay (for F-1 visas or 30 days for J-1 applicants) after graduation or completion of studies?

You will be denied re-entry to the United States or be banned from the U.S. depending on the time frame of the overstay. A few weeks overstay can result in you being banned from the U.S. more than 1 year.

Can I return home during holidays if my Visa has expired?

It is not recommended you return home or travel outside of the U.S. if your visa has expired. You have a 50/50 chance of not being re-issued a new student visa.

How early do I need to apply for my OPT?

We recommend that you apply 4 to 6 weeks before your graduation.

Can an F-2 or J-2 dependent work on or off campus?


What if I do not graduate and I applied for OPT?

You will have to wait until you graduate or finish all your coursework, including submitting your final thesis or final test. You cannot recover the time lost while finishing graduation work after your OPT has begun.

Do I need to get a transit visa if I plan to fly through another country in which I know I usually need a visa?

Depending on the country of origin, most countries do not require a TRANSIT VISA, if you have a valid visa from the U.S. Please check with specific countries at

I've got a question-who should I ask?

All questions require an appointment, but most could easily be answered via email.


  • Recruitment and admissions
  • Academic issues-Teacher problems will require an appointment and should first be addressed to the instructor and if no resolution can be attained.
  • Immigration questions
  • OPT and CPT issues or questions
  • Brenda Gentry, IE Secretary at BGentry@tntech.edufor:
    • Medical Insurance disputes or issues.
    • Application process questions for new international and permanent resident undergraduate applicants.
  • Shelia Kendrick in the Office of Graduate Studies,
    • Graduate applications are overseen by Graduate Studies, so all graduate related questions regarding admission, graduation, assistantships, dissertation, final copies and thesis.
  • Dr. Francis Otuonye at
    • Graduate assistantship issues.
  • Counseling Center, it is located in the University Center- (931) 372-3331
    • If you are experiencing culture shock or depression. The Office of International Education is not qualified to counsel students on personal issues which can result in harm to the student. We recommend contacting the professionals- (931) 372-3331.