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Immigration Regulations

Below is a list of important immigration regulations regarding F-1 and J-1 students. The information provided is not a complete list of immigration regulations. At all time students are responsible for their own immigration status and must inform the office of International Programs of any updates or concerns regarding their status. Students must check their TTU email accounts for important updates regarding immigration information or updates to the below information.

Orientation Documents

F-1 Welcome Packet and Information Sheet / J-1 Welcome Packet and Information Sheet

Maintaining Status

Documents: Immigration Documents and US Address

SEVIS Address Change Form:

Extension Procedures of I-20 or DS-2019: Information

Full Course of Study Requirements: Information

Change of Status: Regulations and Checklist

Correction of Status and Reinstatement (Pending)


Employment and Social Security Cards: Information

Economic Hardship: Information and Checklist

Curricular Practical Training-CPT: Regulations and Procedures

Academic Training (J-1 Students): Regulations and Procedures

Recommendation Form

Optional Practical Training (F-1 Students):

Pre- and Post Completion:Information


Recommendation Form

Form I-765 Instructions

Form I-765 example

Photo Guidelines

STEM Extension OPT: Regulations and Checklist

Student Verify Form

Employer Verify Form

Cap-Gap Extension: Information


Vacation and Travel: Information

Authorized Early Withdrawal (Pending)

Transfer (Pending)

End of Program

End of Program: Information