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International Education

Students applying to TTU, who were NOT born in the United States, must show proof of citizenship or permanent resident status.

How do I provide my proof of residency?

If a student is a permanent resident of the United States, he or she must provide his or her alien registration number on the paper application and bring in the alien registration card (ARC) to the Office of International Education (Undergraduate Admissions) in Derryberry Hall, Room 103 so a copy can be made for his or her student folder.

Pending Permanent Residency Status

If a student has applied or petitioned for permanent resident status, but has yet to receive their Green Card, the RECEIPT NOTICE that shows they have filed an application to adjust to permanent resident status with the Immigration and Naturalization Service must be presented in International Education so a copy of this document can be made and put in the student's folder.

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Permanent Residents

  • Students whose status has not been adjucated are not eligible to receive financial aid until they receive permanent resident status. A notice of action will not be sufficient.
  • If a non-immigrant or undocumented alien student wishes to become a fully admitted student while waiting for their Green Card, he/she will have to apply as an International student and F-1 visa. Undocumented students must pay out-of-state tuition and do not qualify for any federal or state loan or financial assistance programs. Private scholarship awards are not contingent on student's status.

Resident Tuition Policy for holders of Green Cards

  • Students claiming to be immigrant aliens must present proof of their status by providing the campus with a valid Alien Registration Receipt Card.
  • Once a student's immigrant status has been verified, the student may then establish Tennessee state residency by meeting the domicile criteria.