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Taxes for International Students

The Tennessee Tech Office of International Education is neither qualified nor permitted to give individual tax advice. Students with complicated tax situations may wish to consult with a tax preparation service, professional tax accountant, or tax attorney who is knowledgeable about nonresident tax law. Please contact them if you would like some help with your taxes. Last year some students were offered assistance with their taxes. We feel these FREE services would be the best source and opportunity for help. If your taxes are complicated, we recommend buying Tax preparation software at any local retail store that cost approximately $20 to $30 to do your taxes or seeing a professional tax accountant here in Cookeville.

If your country does not have a tax treaty with the USA, you may be required to pay some taxes on your scholarships, on-campus employment and co-op.

If your taxes are relatively easy, you can join one of the free preparations offered. Tax preparation handbooks are available in the IE office. All tax forms can be downloaded from the

Link for Forms and Details

  • Tax Obligations for International Students and Researchers
  • Consequences of Not Filing Tax Forms
  • Form 8316 Tax Treaties
  • Form 1040NR EZ 
  • 1040NR EZ Instructions 
  • Form 1040NR 
  • 1040NR Instructions 
  • Form 8843 - all non-resident aliens, including dependents in the U.S. must file this form
  • Form 843 

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