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Medical Emergency


On Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm students can go to Health Services for Medical care and treatment located on campus on the east side of the Nursing Building. Call 931-372-3320 for more information.

If you have a serious medical emergency, please go to the Cookeville Regional Medical Center (in walking distance from campus) for treatment. The address is Cookeville Regional Hospital, 142 West 5th St., Cookeville 931-528-2541.

The following clinics are open on Saturday:

  • Convenient Care Clinic- 350 South Lowe Ave., Cookeville 931-526-1050
  • Cookeville Medical Center- 225 North Willow Ave., Cookeville 931-528-8899
  • Satellite Med- 1120 Sam's Street, Cookeville 931-528-7312
  • Quality Medical 201 West 5th St., Cookeville 931-526-1688
    • Sheriff's Dept. of Cookeville 931-526-2125 or University Police at Tennessee Tech EXT 3234

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