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Brazil sm_brazil

My name is Thiago. I'm an Marketing Major.

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China sm_china


Costa Rica  cr


Hi! My name is Yanina and my major is Civil Engineering


Germany sm_germany


India sm_india

mounikaindiaHi! My name is Mounika. My major is Chemical Engineering.






Japan sm_japan



Nigeria sm_nigeria



Peru peru-flag


 Hi! My name is Rosa and my major is Cellular and Molecular Biology.

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Saudi Arabia sm_saudi

SultanSAHi, my name is Sultan and I am from Saudi Arabia. My major is Basic Business.




FadelSaudiMy name is Fadel and I'm from Saudi Arabia. My major is Electrical Engineering.




South Korea sm_southkorea

 My name is Dohee and my major is Fashion Merchandising and Design.

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Spain sm_spain


Thailand sm_Thailand


Venezuela images

Hi!  I am Alexandra and I am a Pre-Med major.

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Zimbabwe sm_zimbabwe

rufarozimb Hi! My name is Rufaro. My major is Educational Psychology.




georgezimbHi I am George, I am teaching here at TTU in the Education Dept.