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International Education

Do you need to be picked up at the Nashville International Airport (BNA)? Please send your entire plane ticket reservation to Tina Girdley, International Education Office at The cost is $90.00 for each student and will be added to your student account.

Any future changes in the given rate will subsequently be calculated and those cost will be carried forward to the student.

After picking up luggage on Baggage claim level proceed to the baggage claim area information desk to check in with staff to let them know you have arrived.

If for any reason you should miss one of your flights or your flight is delayed for any reason you may reach one of the staff members with the Office of International Education at 931-265-5091.

There will be a $90.00 charge put on your student account by the university for your pickup. This charge will need to be paid before your enrollment can be confirmed for the semester. (DO NOT PAY THE DRIVER)

As the Shuttle service is owned by Key Transportation, TTU cannot be held liable if they miss the pickup.

There are times delays occur.

Once you schedule the pickup, Tina will provide directions on delays and where to meet the shuttle service.

The Official arrival date is August 16th, 2015. Orientation begins on August 10th for all degree seeking students. Classes begin on August 24th, 2015.





If you intend on sending money to TTU through wire transfer you must send it at least 2 weeks before you arrive due to processing time. The following information must be used in order to send it properly:

Wire Transfer

1) Wire ABA - 062005690

2) Cookeville Routing - 064000017

3) TTU Account - 192389929

4) SWIFT Code - UPNBUS44

5) Regions Bank

150 4th Ave N

Nashville, TN 37219

6) Bank contact - Katherine Murrie

We also take Master Card, Visa, and Discover Credit Cards

Meals Per Week:

For students living in our residence halls there is no better value than the meals per week option. This option allows you to enjoy a set number of meals each week. You can eat three meals per day in the Roaden University Marketplace, Swoops Food Court, and The Perch.

Block Plans:

Block Meal Plans are based on a set number of meals each semester. On a Block Meal Plan meals WILL carry over from week to week. Each day you can use as many meals as you would like in the RUC Marketplace, Swoops Food Court or The Perch. Just remember there are approximately 17 weeks in a semester; you need to make sure your plan will last the whole semester.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are accepted like cash in all TTU/Chartwells Dining destinations. Dining Dollars employ a “declining balance account” that works on the same principle as a debit card. You can use your Dining Dollars to purchase beverages, snacks or even a full meal in Swoops Food Court, The Perch, Starbucks, The Roaden University Center Marketplace, Outtake at the Fit, Crav-ns at the STEM Center, and Outtakes in McCord Hall. Each time you make a purchase, the purchase amount is subtracted from your Dining Dollars Balance. Dining Dollars do not carry over from semester to semester or year to year. Additional Dining Dollars can be added to your account at any time by stopping by the Eagle Card Office in the RUC Room 230.
Exchange Program

Remember to sign up for your my meals plan on the Eagle ON-Line Information System.

Guest Meal Policy

As a meal plan holder you may treat a guest to a meal on Fridays and Saturdays using your meal card as long as you have meals available on your plan and are present with your guest. Guest meals do count toward your three swipes(meals) per day.

For pricing and meal details please visit the campus dining website.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at 931-372-3276.

International students are not required to live on campus as of Fall 2015.

There are 3 different housing options at TTU: on-campus dormatories, on-campus apartments, and off-campus apartments.

For on-campus housing students must apply through Residential Life. The online process requires that you set up your TTU email first, then apply online. For more information click here. To set up your email click Set Up Email. Then you can apply for housing with the Online Application.

For on-campus apartments students have to apply well in advance due to limited space available. Click here for a Tech Village application. PLEASE NOTE ON-CAMPUS APARTMENTS ARE NOT FURNISHED.

For off-campus housing students can search for an apartment on Apartment Rental Guide.

If you require a hotel until housing can be arranged please click here for a list of local hotels.


All International Students are required to have Health and accident insurance during the time that they are in the U.S. Students may elect to purchase their own insurance coverage or purchase the TTU Student Insurance Plan offered by International Student Protection. The TTU plan provides hospital, surgical, basic medical, supplementary medical, and catastrophic services as well as evacuation and repatriation. Students purchasing private insurance must purchase something equivalent to the TTU plan. For more information about TTu insurance please visit our insurance PAGE.


  • Students can not add medical insurance 30 days after any semester has begun.
    If you have any additional coverage questions contact Brenda Gentry at 931-372-3634 or at