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Date October 1, 2007 New Department of Motor Vehicles institutes new Temporary Driver's License and does away with the Driving Certificate.
  • What does the law say? pdf_icon_sm
  • What is a the new Temporary Driver's License?
  • Acceptable Primary and Secondary Identification for Obtaining a Tennessee Driver License
  • What documents do I need to bring?
  • Remember to bring 2 proofs of Tennessee residency! (any of the following will be accepted)
    • Current utility bill including telephone, electric, water, gas, cable, etc. (Must include postmarked envelope bill was mailed in) initial deposit receipt is NOT acceptable
    • Current bank statement (not checks)
    • Current rental/mortgage contract fully signed and executed, or receipt including deed of sale for property
    • Current employer verification including paycheck/check stub, work ID or badge, etc.
    • Current automobile, life or health insurance policy (not wallet cards)
    • Current driver license or ID issued by the State of Tennessee to a parent, legal guardian or spouse of applicant (proof of relationship required)
    • Current Tennessee motor vehicle registration
    • Current Tennessee voter registration
    • Current IRS tax reporting W-2 Form
    • Receipt for personal property or real estate taxes paid within the last year
    • In case of student enrolled in public or private school in this state, student may provide a photo student ID and acceptable documentation that student lives on campus.

Proof of social security number (or sworn affidavit if no SSN has been issued). Please come by the ISA office to receive a letter from the PDSO, Director-Charles Wilkerson regarding your status. This memo will explain your visa and duration of status, and he will attach a memo regarding the visa regulations, since DMV does not have a clear clarification as of yet. The letter will be issued in 24 hours. E-mail Charlie at

There is a catch students and visitors with less than 1 year left on their I-20 or DS 2019 will be unable to apply for an extension or temporary driver's license.

Individuals may renew a Certificate for Driving upon expiration as long as they are able to continue to provide the required documentation.

A list of acceptable documents showing positive proof of identity and proof of Tennessee residency is found in the Tennessee Driver Handbook. NOTE: (Due to the large file size of the handbook, download time may be slow. As an alternative, please visit our pdf chart of acceptable documents that may be used as proof of identity pdf_icon_sm and proof of Tennessee residency).

Practice Written Exam for the DMV, click here.

For more information, please contact the department toll free at 1-615-253-5221 or send an e-mail to