International Student Organizations

CSSA (Chinese Student and Scholar Association)

The Chinese Student and Scholar Association is an organization that sponsors social and cultural activities, develops friendship and coordination among Chinese students and scholars. Promotes mutual understandings between Chinese students and people in this community.

Indian Association of Cookeville

The Indian Association of Cookeville is a unique organization that upholds the culture, tradition and rich Indian heritage. The association consists of students of Tennessee Tech University and members from the local Indian Community. This interaction provides a home away from home especially for the student members. We take pride in being a part of Tennessee Tech, the Cookeville community and being Indian in every way.

International Friends

The International Friends organization is composed of community volunteers who are vitally interested in the welfare of international students. They represent many professions such as university faculty, lawyers, doctors, biologists, engineers, bankers, businessmen and businesswomen, and housewives. As a result, they bring much knowledge, skill, and experience to the International Friends.

The purposes are:

  • To develop relationships among the international students, the University, and the community.
  • To promote the most effective services for international students, international faculty members, and their families for groups and individuals in the community.
  • To create programs of mutual benefits for international students and members of the University community based on recognition of the interdependency of all nations.

International Friends provides a number of services for international students, such as:


The group also sponsors a variety of activities such as an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Party, Host Family Banquet, Christmas function, picnics, cookouts, trips, and tours. Please stop by the International Office to sign up to be a host family or if you would like to be placed with a host family. Contact Heide Weidner at

Muslim Student Organization

The Muslim Student Organization's mission is to bring an interaction between the Muslim community at Tennessee Tech as well as the Cookeville community. MSO wants to involve, entertain and educate all individuals and organizations with different social, cultural and religious backgrounds. MSO has always had the privilege of having students and faculty from many different Islamic and non-Islamic countries around the world, who with their different cultures and backgrounds bring the perfect harmony to our organization. For more information you may contact Abdalhakeem Alotaibi, the MSO president at

One World

One World is all about introducing people and interacting with different cultures from around the world, ultimately to achieve understanding and harmony. Members of One World have found that we all have a lot in common no matter where we are from. As Albert Einstein stated, "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding" (Albert Einstein, 1979-1955). The membership of One World is always changing as different students and faculty come to Tennessee Tech from various parts of the world. We plan exciting adventures on and off campus, and the invitation to participate is open to everyone. The experience is really rewarding. Some of the One World activities include, but are not limited to camping, hiking, white water rafting, trips to ethnic restaurants, shopping, and also international sports, food, music, and dance events. You are invited to come to the meeting and join the group. These events are open to all majors. For more information about One World, please contact Theresa at 372-3611 or e-mail at

Saudi Club

The Saudi Club has been established since 2008 and has been involved in most of the international events such as the Rotary Events, Windows on the World and Tennessee World Affairs Council. It is the largest international club on the Tennessee Tech campus. The Facebook group page is For more information about the Saudi Club e-mail Mashhour Alqahtani, current president, at

SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)

SHPE is the leading social-technical organization whose primary function is to enhance and achieve the potential of Hispanics in engineering, math and science. For more information please contact the SHPE at


Joining the Tech Buddy program will help you to meet new students and learn about American culture while making new friends and having fun.

The Tech Buddies program matches international students with U.S. or returning international Tech students to be friends.

Please fill out the brief application online:

Please email me, Amy Miller if you have any questions.

You can add our group on Facebook: TECH BUDDIES.

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