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What is the TTU domain?

Many pages on the TTU web site will pop up with a little box and ask you for a username (yours) and password. Many of the "intranet" web sites will now start asking for this username and password if there is secure information on the web that only employees can see.

This is most often your TTU domain username and password. The TTU domain gives you access to all of the "servers" on campus. This is NOT TTUMIS.

The username is the username that you use for email.

If your computer has been put onto the Exchange Server, this is the same
password you use for the Exchange Server. OR
If your computer has been migrated into the TTU domain and you log into your computer
when you turn it on every morning, it is the same password that you use for that.

If you do not know your TTU domain password go here to try to reset it. The first password will be your ssn without dashes. Go here and try to reset it and then try to use that password:.