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Faculty and Staff Email Migration to Office 365


As we announced last month, faculty and staff at TTU will be migrating to Office365 within the next few weeks.

The schedule for departments to migrate for the first week is available; the complete schedule will be posted soon.  Groups will be moving simultaneously.  If your group has a hardship on your designated day, please ask your director or chair to let your ITS support representative know immediately, so that your place in the migration queue can be moved to the last wave.


Office 365 Benefits


By moving TTU’s email system to Office 365, faculty and staff will be able to gain many new benefits. First of all, we will be on the most current version of Exchange. This enables future movement to Office 2013 and other mobile platform enhancements not previously available. Second, Microsoft will be hosting our email in their “cloud,” which means we’ll be joining hundreds of other universities by contracting with Microsoft to run our email system for us. We expect this will result in significantly improved service and availability. Third, with the approaching availability of SharePoint for creating team sites and other collaboration tools, many SharePoint features are integrated into Office.


Also, with Office 365 mail, faculty and staff will be allowed to store up to 25GB of email, as well as 7GB of free cloud-based storage via Microsoft’s SkyDrive.  Additionally, you will be able to send attachments to other users up to 25MB (10MB from the Outlook Web Access).  


Finally, web access to your Microsoft Office 365 account is available from anywhere you have Internet access.  Office 365 Web Access offers most of the features you’d find in Microsoft Outlook, our supported desktop client for Office 365.


One new feature of note:  items will remain in the Deleted Items folder and in the Junk Email folder for thirty days, then they are automatically removed.  



Mobile Devices


In Office 365, you can access calendar entries and contacts, as well as email, from your mobile device.  Office 365 works well with many popular mobile devices.  You can set up email and calendar sync – and even contacts – on your Apple iOS device, your Android, or your BlackBerry.  For help setting up your mobile device, please visit Microsoft's site.



What to Expect During Migration


The migration of your account will happen in two phases.  During Phase One, which will take from 2-6 hours, your email will be unavailable to you.  No mail will be lost – new mail will be received and held for you until your account has completed this phase.  Upon completion, Outlook will prompt you to restart. (Note: users with the Entourage Office 2008 for Mac client will need to upgrade to Outlook Office 2011 at this point.)


Phase Two will be the actual synchronization process to the Office 365 cloud, which means your email will be available to you while this occurs. Once Phase Two is complete, you may need to restart your Outlook client for desktops and laptops,  be prompted to “click here” for Outlook Web Access, and reconfigure your mobile devices to the new settings.  Deleting your old account on your mobile device and re-adding it will enable the device to auto-discover your new account.



Preparing for Your Mailbox Migration


In order to prepare for the migration, please tidy your mailbox.  Delete things no longer needed, empty your deleted items folder, and police your messages for any confidential information. No confidential information (including Personally Identifiable Information, known as PII, or information covered by HIPAA or FERPA restrictions) should be contained in your email.  Please note that if you regularly receive email containing confidential information, you should contact TTU's Information Security Officer for assistance (; x3913).


Also, if your office uses special generic accounts, such as departmental accounts, or accounts for GAs or other student workers, please notify your ITS support representative immediately, so that they can make every effort to accommodate your needs.



Using Office 365


Microsoft Outlook is the recommended and supported client for your Office 365 account, and is available on both Mac and Windows computers.  Support will be provided for Outlook in Office 2010 and Office 2013 for Windows, and Office 2011 for Mac OS. Other clients which may have been used previously will not allow their user to participate in the advanced calendaring and SharePoint features that the university will be incorporating into routine daily interaction in the future. Also, once mailboxes have completed Phase 2, clients who currently are dependent upon IMAP and POP protocols will no longer be supported.  For help with Outlook, contact your ITS representative.


Faculty and staff can purchase a university-licensed copy of Office (including Outlook) for use at home (on a personal desktop or laptop, for work-related activities).  Details are at when you click on Microsoft Products.

[To download this page as a PDF for printing or distributing, please click here.]