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What is ResNet?

The TTU ResNet provides Internet access for students with personal computers living in campus residence halls and apartments. ResNet is currently available in all the dormitories on campus and all Tech Village Apartments.

Is ResNet available to Tech Village Residents?


What do I need to access ResNet?

Please see the Requirements page.

How much does it cost?

ResNet is provided to the student body free of charge.

Where can I purchase a network card for my machine?

Network cards can be purchase locally from the University Bookstore, Wal-mart, Staples, or OfficeMax. Also, adapters can be purchased from online vendors such as Newegg or ZipZoomFly. Be sure to reference your system's manual for compatibility.

What is my username?

The same username and password that you use to access the University PC Labs (i.e.. Your first initial, second initial and the last eight letters of your last name followed by two numbers).
Example: if John Doe Everyperson was a student his username would be JDEveryper42.

New students enrolling into the University should have their usernames and accounts created when they are admitted.

Your username is the first part of your school email address, the portion before You can find your username by going to Eagle Online.

How long does it take for me to get connected?

You can connect to ResNet as soon as the following steps have been completed.

  1. You have a username with the University.
  2. You have changed your password from the default one the University set it to when your account was created.
  3. You have moved into the residence halls or Tech Village.
  4. You have connected your computer to the Ethernet jack located in your room using a Cat5 cable.

Now you should be able to login.

How do I login?

Go to* and type in your username and password. *Please note the before weblink will only work from the Residential Networks located in the dorms.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

ResNet Support can be contacted by emailing or calling 931-372-6566.

For problems using University Supported Applications, please call the Help Desk at 931-372-3975.

What can I access from ResNet?

Users can access the internet and other University resources like Xythos and Class Files on PC Lab.

Can I access my computer from outside of ResNet?

No, not at this time.

Can I print to the PC Lab printers from my computer?


How do I check my email?

You can check your email through Alternatively, you can forward your mail to another account.

What SMTP server do I use for my email application on my computer?

Users on ResNet have to use the campus SMTP server which is in order to send outgoing mail from their email application from within ResNet.

Do you support Linux?

No, at this time we do not provide support for Linux/Unix.  This is primarily due to the number of different versions of this OS.

What does the "Your IP: was not validated by the NetAuth server." message mean and how do I fix it?

Your computer, for reasons unknown, does not match the lease you were issued.  Disconnect your computer physically from ResNet for about 20 minutes.  After reconnecting your machine, reattempt login, if you continue to receive the message call support at 931-372-6566.

Do you block any ports?

No, we do not block ports.  We do block services like peer-2-peer and IRC.