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Access to the campus computing system is a privilege subject to rules of conduct. By using the network connection you agree to abide by all moral, ethical and legal restrictions applying to this privilege. You also agree to abide by the policies published in the TTU Student Handbook. These regulations do not exhaust all possible cases of misuse, and other restrictions, such as copyright laws and the Tennessee Computer Crime Act of 1983, may also apply. Any violation of this agreement will make you subject to disciplinary action by the University, as well as civil and criminal penalties that may be imposed by the state and/or federal courts.

TTU is not responsible for any damage to your personal computer or its peripherals while your computer is connected to the network. This includes hard drives crashes, other accidental data loss, damage to or loss of data files due to viruses, and damage to or loss of data on removable and non-removable media.

View the TTU Computing Policies.


How to Configure your Computer

Print the following guide for your particular operating system:

  • Windows 7(PDF
  • Windows Vista (PDF
  • Windows XP (PDF
  • Windwos 2000 (PDF
  • Windows 95/95/ME (PDF)
  • MacOS X (10.x) (PDF)
  • Windows 7 Wireless (PDF )
  • MacOS X (10.X) Wireless (PDF)

To connect your personal computer to the campus network and Internet from your room, follow these steps (Included in above guide):

  1. You must provide your own computer with a network card and cable.
  2. With your computer off, connect your computer to one of the Ethernet jacks in your room (next to the cable TV jack) with a standard Ethernet cable (not crossover and not a telephone cable).
  3. Turn your computer on and open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer.
  4. Browse to and log in for access, using your same username and password as needed in the PC Labs on campus. We recommend that you set this page as your default start page, as you will need to return to this web page and log in at least once a day for access.

Supplemental Materials

Connecting to your User Xythos Drive
Getting Started With Resnet (PDF) (HTML)