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Why Not IMAP and POP E-mail Protocols?


As a part of the recent email migration to Office365, IT Services staff recommended not enabling IMAP or POP e-mail protocols.  Some employees have asked why this has not been supported. This was not a decision we are taking lightly; it has been reached after much discussion among IT Services management, the University’s CIO, and reviews of guidelines and higher education standard best practices.  The major rationale behind this decision is:


  • Third-party products requiring IMAP or POP may increase legal exposure with the University’s obligation to provide information during legal discovery. Email post offices other than our institutional Exchange server may result in non-conclusive legal discovery.


  • For mobile devices, only clients that use ActiveSync are supported, providing the ability to wipe the device remotely in case of theft or loss; this enhances data security for TTU. Neither IMAP nor POP provide this feature.


  • Finally, planned University initiatives in calendaring, contacts, and collaboration are made possible by use of the Outlook client for Windows or Mac.  Campus users will only be able to take full advantage of the features offered in global address lists; scheduling appointments, meetings, and sharing free/busy times; and using the robust SharePoint collaboration tools via Outlook.