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Policies and Guidelines

Definition of mass mailing:

Mailing to a distribution list of a large number users who have no opportunity to decide whether or not they want to be on the list.

What is acceptable?

  • Mailing information that is important to the mission of the University to a defined set of users.
  • Mailing to a distribution list with a defined set of users with a common interest who are given the opportunity to request deletion of their address from future mailings to that list regarding matters that are not related to performance of their job.
  • Mailing to a distribution list for research purposes with approval.

What is not acceptable?

  • Any mailing not related to university business sent to users who have not indicated a desire to receive the mailing.
  • Mailing cannot violate existing university policies (such as those lists in TBR policy documents, TTU policy documents, faculty and student handbooks, and university policies listed in such locations as the TTU web site).

Effective date: April 24, 1997
Approved by the Information Technology Committee April 24, 1997