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Technology Purchases

NOTE: The information here is covering purchasing technology items with University Funds. If you are looking for hardware or software for a personal computer select the link to left under Technology Purchases titled Pricing for Home Use.

Instructions for using the online Request to Purchase Hardware/Software form

To begin the process to purchase hardware or software with University Funds complete the online (ITC form).

Accessing the Online Form for site-license software only

  1. Go to the online ITC Site-License Software Request Form
  2. You will be asked to login to the TTU Domain.
  3. The login popup window may appear in one of two ways:
  • If the window only has 2 fields (one for username and one for password), then For your username enter your email address.
    For your password, use the same one as you use to maintain departmental web sites or for email on the Exchange server.
  • If the window has 3 fields (one for username, one for password, and one for domain), then Enter your username (e.g. asmith) For your password, use the same one as you use to maintain departmental web sites or for email on the Exchange server. For the Domain, type: TTU
    If you have never logged into the domain you will need to change your password from your T# using the online form.
    If you need assistance with this process, please contact your ITS liaison. If your project will be a TAF project, see the TAF guidelines.


General Guidelines

  1. All technology purchases should be instigated by each unit's ITS representative, where possible. Your ITS representative is also responsible for obtaining any quotes you require during the purchase process.
  2. Technology hardware purchases which are not connected to the campus network and which have a purchase price under $500 may be purchased, such as mice, keyboards, etc. Please note that this does not apply to software.
  3. Technology purchases entered into EagleBuy must have the appropriate commodity code, enabling routing to your ITS representative for approval.
  4. Any technology purchases made outside of EagleBuy, such as via ProCard, must also be approved by your ITS representative.
  5. Any site license software requested via the ITC form (linked above) will be reviewed by the fiscal authority you specified, prior to ITS review. The individual will be notified by email and directed to the appropriate web site.
  6. All other software must be entered into EagleBuy.