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Technology Purchases

If you wish to purchase an iPad with Wi-fi and Verizon data access, with data plan billing via TTU Telecommunications, please follow these directions:

Step 1:

Go to to enter your purchase request. Be sure to enter your TTU Office phone (landline only) under Step 1 on the purchase request.



Add your billing information for the iPad purchase. Please note that if you choose a Verizon 3G data plan to be billed through the University, the monthly charge will be billed to the same phone number as your TTU Office (landline) phone.

If you are purchasing your iPad through a grant or contract account, and wish to have the monthly access paid by a grant or contract account as well, you may simply IDT the funds once or twice a year as needed to cover the charges.

Step 2:

Select Hardware to enter your specifications for the iPad.


Note that question 1 ("Will this item be directly connected to the campus network?" must be marked Yes.

Enter your iPad description and cost. If you need assistance with pricing or obtaining a quote from the Apple Educational contract, please contact your ITS representative. After entering your iPad description and cost, please press Continue, followed by Enter Next Item.

Your data plan will be listed as a Software item. Please enter a quantity of 1, and select iPad Verizon Data Plan from the drop-down list. This recurring charge of $42.99 will be billed to the same function number as your current TTU Office (landline) phone. The charge will not begin until you complete the final notification to Telecommunications that your iPad has been received and you are ready to activate your plan (see below).

You may now select Enter Next Item if you have more items to purchase, or select Finished.

Step 3:

An email will now be sent to the fiscal authority for this function number, asking that he or she approve your request. Once that has occurred, you will receive an email from with a summary of your request showing the purchase status (approved or denied). You will note there will also be an amendment to your request listing the instructions you should follow upon receipt of your iPad.

Step 4:

When you receive your iPad, you will need to locate the MEID number for your 3G device. Select Settings --> General --> About, and look near the bottom of the screen to find the MEID number. Copy this number down.

Forward your confirmation email from to Tammy Cobb (, and add the following information to the top of the email:

Your Name
Your TTU Office (landline) number
Your iPad's MEID number

Your email should look something like this:


Once your send this message to Ms. Cobb, she will activate your cellular data plan. Activation will generally take less than 24 hours (Monday through Friday).

You may need to reboot your iPad to activate the cellular network; to do this, press and hold the Off button on the top right of the iPad until you see the Power Off message. Slide the bar to power down, wait about thirty seconds, and then press and hold the Off button again until you see the Apple icon appear.

If you need assistance with pricing for the various iPad models, or with any of these steps, please contact your ITS representative.